Advantages of cooperation with SunPro Group

Just start cooperating with us and you will appreciate bonuses provided by technological, logistical and business offers of the Group

Geographical location of the facilities

Industrial facilities have very advantageous location as for gathering and for transporting raw materials for further processing as well as transporting ready-made products. The plant is located within easy reach to the main elevators of the region. Moreover, the most amount of sunflower is cultivated definitely in this region.

Furthermore, the location neighbouring to the key cargo ports of the Black Sea allows significantly reducing transport charges. As well it provides for SunPro possibility to choose optimal logistic corridors.

The Sunpro Group also supplies equipment for power plants, in particular, power generators for bio and wind power plants in Ukraine.

Sunpro Group is the exclusive representative on the Ukrainian market of India's largest manufacturer of electric generators and steam turbines — IB Turbo.

The Group exports products to 11 countries of Europe, Middle East and Asia. While developing logistic solutions for your product, SunPro strictly plans transport processes, analyses vessel loading situation and avoid such logistical problems of Ukraine as bumpy roads and irregularity of deliveries by rail roads.

Due to advantageous geographical location of the facilities, possibility to choose optimal logistic ways and due to strict planning, SunPro ensures guaranteed delivery of sunflower oil to the specified port and within the specified time frame.

Possibility to distribute goods to many countries
Effective technologies

All manufacturing process are environmentally friendly. Due to oil manufacturing is performed by extraction method, yield of the final product is maximum in comparison with product yield obtained by pressing method. Peculiar feature of the extraction line for sunflower seed cake is represented with the closed loop extractor, in which material is processed uniformly along the whole area of the layer, and a solvent is discharged quicker from the layer through cleaning sections to the extractor's way out.

Moreover, the plant tends to arrange a zero waste production. So, the operational steam for plant functioning is generated in own boiler house, which uses sunflower husk as a fuel.

Own laboratory uses advanced equipment to control routinely the amount of procured raw materials and yield of ready products.

It helps you waiting for better prices for the products, thereby to save your money. When you deliver grain for storage, you will be sure that it will be scoured, and then it will be regularly winnowed, dried and stored. In such a way you will conserve harvest to the winter, when prices rise.

Moreover, when you are ready to sell your grain, the plant will gladly buy it. So, you save by avoiding sunflower transportation expenses: you deliver your products to the elevator once and afterwards just wait for good time for sale.

Own elevator