Oil meal

Sunflower oil meal with high content of protein

It is a by-product in the production of sunflower oil. It is obtained as a result of compression and extraction of already extracted sunflower seeds. The oilseed meal contains a higher percentage of crude protein (40%); herewith, the percentage of crude fat is much less (1 — 2%). Oilseed meal contains B and E vitamins, choline, biotin, panthenol acid, phosphorus, potassium, fiber, proteins and many other substances.

It is used for feeding purposes of animals, birds and fish. It is used either in pure form or as an additive in the compound feed.

Scope of application

Mixed feed manufacture Mixed feed manufacture
Fodders for poultry, fish and animals Fodders for poultry, fish and animals


meal   sunflower, high-protein
appearance   non — granulated
odor, color   according to DSTU 4638:2006
mass part of residual
quantity of solvent
  0,06 %
mass part of 
extraneous impurities
  not detected
mass part of metal impurities
parts in size under 2 mm, no more than
parts in size under 2 mm
0,01 %
not detected
pest contamination   not detected
mass part of moisture and volatile matters   9,4 — 10,2 %
moisture and volatile matters mass part   0,7 — 1,5 %
raw protein in absolutely dry matter   39,5 — 40,0 %
summarized mass part of soluble protein
to the total protein quality
  70,4 %
mass part of ash insoluble in 10% НCI in
recalculation on abs.dry matter
  0,74 %
mass part of cellulose in recalculation on abs. dry matter   21,0 %
overall energy value, caloricity unit not less than  
pesticides, radionuclides, toxic elements, nitrates, nitrites, mycotoxins contents and toxicity   according to DSTU 4638:2006
3 months under storage conditions in places which are equipped with combined extract and input ventilation, are well ventilated, dry and clean, are not infected with grain stocks pests, and are protected from penetration of direct sunlight and heat sources with carrying out periodic inward-warehouse mixing. Before storage and dispatch, sunflower meal shall be cooled to the temperature not over 35˚C or no more than 5˚C over environment temperature under relative air humidity 70% and the temperature over 30˚C.