Sustainable development

Sunpro Group sees to the future

We assume the special responsibility for impact on environment, for our personnel and for development of the society. We believe that commercial success, stable and growing income go hand in hand with adherence to social and environmental standards.

In order to be able to fulfil the assumed responsibilities, we follow the principles of strategic development and extensively implement the programs to support environment, development of personnel and social relations.

Activities of Sunpro Group in the sphere of sustainable development is based on the general principles of the UN Global Agreement (UN Global Compact Corporate Sustainability) on human rights, labour relations and nature protection.

Nature protection

Nature protection

Our manufacturing facilities have completely closed technological cycle, which allows completely avoiding residual production wastes. Sunflower husk, which is the main production waste, is specially processed and used to generate heat energy.

We thoroughly take care of the environmental safety and provide constant monitoring of the state of the production process. Special automatic sensors and contamination & waste control systems are provided at all technological stages.

The boiler plants, which generate heat energy, are equipped with special dust filters preventing air pollution with dust.

Liability as an employer

Success of our development completely depends on employees of Sunpro Group. That is why increase of employees' efficiency and their personal interest in achieving the best results for our company are the main directions of HR policy of Sunpro Group.

We believe that our team and its variety are our main competitive advantages. Therefore, in our HR policy we prefer long-term labour agreements and we are strictly committed to a policy of non-discrimination.

In addition to formalization of HR policies, programs of HR development and occupational safety rules, we as well implemented the expert control system, in scope of which, the specially trained experts provide constant monitoring over the state of the labour conditions, compliance with occupational safety rules and state of the employees' health.

As well, we have developed our own feedback communication system, which can be used by the employees to inform management anonymously on their requests and offers of possible changes.

Liability as an employer
Good-neighborly relations

Good-neighborly relations

We tend to meet the highest international standards and pay great attention to corporate social responsibility by developing and implementing projects aimed to form good-neighbourly relations with the local community and population of the territories adjacent to the location of the manufacturing facilities of Sunpro Group.

In scope of our good-neighbourly relation programs, we implement the projects associated with infrastructure, rod networks, public utilities, landscaping and land improvement of the territories of the adjacent regions.

Now we are intensively implementing the large-scale project intended to start generating own electric power, which is generated from the wastes of our production — husk of sunflower seeds. This investment project allows not just recovering wastes, but by recycling them to generate energy from the renewable power sources and supply it to the power distribution systems of public use.